Join Rotary Club of Concordville-Chadds Ford

Congratulations on wanting to make a difference!

Belonging to a Rotary club is an enjoyable and productive way to make a significant contribution to your local and global community. Our Club meets weekly  to plan club, community and international service activities, and to listen to relevant programs that affect our daily lives. By putting our skills to use locally and globally, our members also enhance their professional network, career development and cross-cultural understanding. Rotarians are ethical business and community people looking to make a difference in the world.  Come Join Us!

  • To become a member of our club, we ask that you contact us.
  • We will then invite you to a meeting where you can get a feeling of what we are all about, and we can meet you!
  • After attending several meetings, if you have continued interest, we ask you to fill out the Rotary Membership Application.  Your name will then be submitted to the board for consideration.
  • Once approved, we then ask for you to attend a one on one talk with one of our long-time members, who will make sure you understand all the requirements and commitments (for example, the $200/yr dues), and answer any questions you may have.
  • At that point, should you still desire to join us, your name will be ‘published’ to the entire club membership, and if there are no objections in a week, we will induct you into the club.