District 7450
Interact Conference

OCTOBER 27, 2018 – 9AM


Rachel Kohl Library

687 Smithbridge Road,
Glen Mills, PA 19342

You DID IT!  Thank you for being great attendees

We took the first steps to starting something GREAT!!!!!

Conference Theme:

Who should attend? – any Interactor or prospective member and Interact Club Advisors!!  Rotaracters, Club Liaisons, and any Rotarians wanting to get involved with our youth programs are also welcome.  
Join your fellow Interactors  and make a big impact!  Learn about service opportunities, membership, leadership, what other clubs are doing, and participate in an International Project (Rise Against Hunger)!  We will also be creating a GREAT  Interact District Council – so don’t miss out!  Finally, see what opportunities our district has just for you!


About  The Interact Conference

8:30 am – Project Set-up for those who can come early
9:00 am – Registration
9:30 am – Rise Against Hunger Food Packing
Project (we will pack 10,000 meals!)
11:30 am – Clean up, Lunch and Project Fair
1:00 pm – Plenary session – The DARE TO BE GREAT plan.  How the district can help!
2:00 pm -3:00
“Break out” tables:

  • Fundraising
  • Membership
  • Leadership
  • more!


Interact Clubs should try to raise $60 per student to cover the cost of the International Project

Leadership Breakout Session

The Leadership breakout is for incoming officers and anyone who wants a leadership opportunity.  We’ll be setting up district leadership so that next year, YOU will be picking a project and organizing YOUR conference!  Maybe you’ll want to plan a retreat for incoming officers, or a joint local project.  DARE TO BE GREAT!

Membership Breakout Session

Learn from your fellow Interacters how they attract members to their clubs & share your ideas!

Fundraising Breakout Session

Learn how clubs raise funds for their service projects. Share your experience raising money for the Rise Against Hunger project.

Lunch and Project Fair

Be sure to bring a poster highlighting your club’s projects!

Pricing &  Registration


  • How is this different than RYLA?
    • RYLA is a comprehensive leadership training weekend.  This 7 hour conference is intended for Interactors and Rotaractors who can not attend RYLA so that they too can participate in this wonderful International project, and get a chance to meet fellow Interactors and Rotaractors from around the district.
  • What is Interact District Council?
    • We are looking to form a group of Interactors – representatives from (hopefully) each Interact Club in our District – to work together to help each other’s clubs,  to coordinate on local and international projects, and to encourage and facilitate each other on Daring to be Great!  It’s also about having the Interactors take charge and make the decisions – planning their OWN conferences and service projects.
  • What is this ‘Dare to be Great’ thing?
    • Interactors around the country are having an enourmous impact on the World by joining together to work on projects.  While many of our clubs are already doing great things – imagine the impact if they were joined by others!  We’ll learn about some of the projects other Interact Districts are doing and take our lead from them, but do our own thing.
  • How many can attend from my club?
    • We encourage as many as possible!  But at the same time, we need to watch numbers because we will all be in one big room for the whole conference (with the exception of the leadership breakout – where we have only one small conference room).  Right now we are capping the attendence at 60, but if demand is bigger, we will make it work.  The more the merrier!
  • What happens if we can’t raise the $60 per attendee?
    • The $60 per attendee figure is based on the $3000 it will cost to pay for the food for the 10000 meals food packing with 50 attendees.  If your club was not successful at raising this amount, no worries – it is our hope that another club was a bit more successful and can contribute more!  It’s called working together – together we’ll support each other and make it work.  If we raise more than the $3000, we’ll decide at the conference how to put those funds to good use!

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